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In-service training package

Since 1989, the Internet has progressed from read-only sites to the ultra-intelligent, open linked environment of today. Web 4.0. provides connections between humans and machines to create interactive data for the new, symbiotic Internet. The use of Web 4.0 in everyday activities helps symbiosis between humans and machines. With the use of intelligent data, virtual realities are becoming more and more common. 

Web 4.0 is also changing the future of business. RFID tags are being added to different businesses to help improve the experiences of shoppers. Web 4.0 is consumer driven, putting them firmly in the driving seat. The future of Web 4.0 is meant to revolutionize the daily lives of humans. By creating interrelationships between human and machine, Web 4.0 will give users unique and interconnected social and personal lives. This open, linked, and intelligent interface will be the future of the Internet. It is a wide-open development field awaiting the vision and creativity of a new cohort of creative entrepreneurs.


  • Introduction
  • Part A: E-smart Framework - Symbiotic internet and Investment readiness
  • Part B: Digital and pedagogical skills of VET tutors